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At Oxford Sound & Media, we specialise in integrated broadcast technology, sound & lighting for theatres, performance spaces, conference centres and presentation suites — plus related media systems for training and educational facilities.

Oxford Sound & Media are a UK based, engineering led business, concentrating on systems design and installation of audio-visual and related control and IT systems for professional users. We design, supply and install for any size of project to the media industries, specializing in Broadcast, Theatre Sound & Light, Commercial AV, Education and Multimedia Studios.

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Broadcast Systems

The rapid and convergent development of sound and IT systems in the broadcast environment demands a special integrated expertise that few organisations are able to cope with completely.

At Oxford Sound & Media we identified this trend early and are proud to still be at the forefront of this approach.

Although we are delighted to have worked for almost all the leading names in broadcasting in the UK and on major studio and central technical area projects – these same developments now allow many smaller commercial operations, community stations, internet and educational projects to employ innovative and imaginative techniques and systems to great effect.

Interfacing and Networking

‘Media systems’ is our term to cover those systems which might be located in a broadcast station, performance venue, boardroom or educational establishment which require interfacing between the traditional audio-visual disciplines.  These systems typically employ a hybrid of products and techniques from standard sound reinforcement hardware to complex data networks. The one common element is the presence of computer systems both as sources and controlling elements in the overall system.

We undertake, the often underestimated task, of integrating the component parts to provide an overall system with ‘usability’ being the driving force.

Oxford Sound & Media can integrate existing or new computer networks with presentation and communication equipment to ensure that the the whole is greater than the sum of the parts… the worlds’ best video projector is a waste of money if the user cannot turn it on… the tasteful aesthetics of the newly refurbished presentation suite are pointless if the speaker is unintelligible.

Sound and no Fury

Performance venues all seem to have one thing in common – they’re all different.

One theatre may look very like another but, if nothing else, their acoustics will not be the same. One conference hall might be new and purpose built, the next created from a centuries old listed building.

With over 50 projects completed of all sizes and complexity, the Oxford Sound & Media sound and light engineers understand the physical (and ergonomic) requirements of theatres, performance spaces, conference centres and presentation suites – and so can plan, design, build and install the right system for the right place: whether its sound reinforcement, speaker support, PA systems, full AV facilities, lighting grids, lighting control desks, and show control networks.

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